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Discover great places in your neighbourhood like hotels, restaurants and more. Choose a place that you can afford money-wise or comfort-wise.


Even if you don't own a hotel, you can become a host and earn your share by renting out your house or even a spare room space which is not in use.


Become a representative and earn your share by helping out a host add his place. Every time his place gets booked, you get a share.

Jagha Jagha is the best way to find, add & discover great local businesses and happenings in your area.


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Visa Assistance

A personalized, one-to-one consultation with an expert consultant for all visa types globally.

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Embassy Appointment
Helping you get an appointment at any embassy for visa submission or passport renewal.
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Travel Insurance

Compare and choose from the world's most trusted Travel Insurance providers for your travel safety.

Travel Itinerary

Need an air ticket reservation and a hotel booking for your visa submission? Call us.

Visa Appeal
Our competent law experts can advise you on the procedure for filing an Appeal for a Visa refusal.

Contact us for the translation of documents in Bulgarian, Polish and English language.



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