Visitor Rules

Welcome to Your Rules as a Visitor!

As a Visitor, there are many ways you can minimize the risk of misunderstandings with the hosts. Here are a few safety measures you might want to consider.

Search for a Jagha

Find a place that you can afford, money-wise or comfort-wise and make your decision. Our search filters can find an absolute place you want for your personal or business travel.

Register as a Visitor

The next thing you need to do is to make sure you register your account as a visitor. Unless you register, you can not reserve a place or write a review or even get some more info about the place you're interested to go to.

Complete your Profile

Your profile casts a huge impression on any host as the only concern about an unseen unknown visitor is the safety and trustworthyness. By completing your profile and providing your personal details, we assure the host of your reliablity and also display a "Verified" sign next to your name.
Be assured that your personal details will not be shared with any third party but will only be shared with the host you finally choose to stay with.

Shortlist your Picks

Always look for a place that provides comprehensive detail, including a complete description of the place and good quality photographs. If there are some missing information about the place, you can request the host to provide you with more information. A good host is one who provides exhaustive details and description of their listing. So pay more attention to comprehensive listings, including information about the place and the neighbourhood.

Finalize your Pick

Once you're sure about the host, the available dates you want to travel to and the place you've selected to explore, contact the host by using our secure messaging platform and seal your deal. You can also take our help by calling on our number or even can email us for your query.

Keep an Eye on the Host Profile

Do keep in view the host's personal profile and check whether the account is verified or not. You can find the verification mark displayed against the host. This indicates the host's level of safety and trust within the community.

Ask some relevant Questions

Being a prospective visitor, you must ask your mind out with your host before entering his Jagha. Be more relevant and specific in your questions.
Shall I be given a separate key or shall we share a key?
Will my belongings be safe throughout our stay?
Are Guests allowed to park for free?

Our Professional Service Offer

Apart from searching for a safe and serene place to spend time with your family, you can also ask for other services on offer to our visitors. JaghaJagha offers services such as car rental, family photography and other recreational services to ensure that your tour is well spent. Once your registration is set up, you can apply for these services in your account.

Visitor Refund Policy

JaghaJagha's Visitor Refund Policy is in place to support visitors in case of an accommodation issue when booking on JaghaJagha. Under the appropriate circumstances, a full refund will be issued to the Visitor and no fee will be withheld by JaghaJagha or your Host. Issues generally fall into 3 categories:
(1) the listing is misrepresented and inaccurate,
(2) the Host cancels a booking prior to check-in or does not provide Visitors with access to the accommodation listing booked, or
(3) the listing is generally unfit for accommodating Visitors.

Take Reviews

For nearly 5 in 10 hosts, an online review is as important as a personal recommendation. Hosts are likely to decide 51% more for a visitor with rated reviews. Be polite while receiving a review even if its a bit negative. Instead try to remove the negative thing being pointed out by the host to turn into a positive thing, the next time you visit any host.

Call Us & Take our Help

We have a dedicated team of professionals to serve and we are here to help you. You may contact our 24/7 phone number listed on our website or you can reach us by emailing your concern.