Who is a Representative?

If you fall in a category where you don't have your own place to rent out but are passionate enough to work with us then you've hit the right place. JaghaJagha offers such individuals to be "The Representatives" in spreading our message to all those who don't know about us or to those who don't have the access and ability to link with us.
Just as JaghaJagha acts as a bridge between visitors and hosts, our representatives become our face and our voice to reach out to the masses.

Become a representative and earn your share by helping out a host add his place. Everytime his place gets booked, you get a share.
Join JaghaJagha which is a secured marketplace and be part of this revolution in travel industry.


To be able to use JaghaJagha, you need to register first. After a review, we'll ask you to send all your attested credentials to us.

Connect with Hosts

Look out for potential hosts near you if you can't be yourself, tell them about us and help them earn at a micro level in every possible way you can.

Add their Jagha

Add their hut, a far flung valley cottage or a spare room in their house in the heart of the city. Add their details, take photos of their place and the famous places near by.

Take Responsibility

You must know that you are responsible for ensuring the visitor's stay is the best ever. You are the face of the company and it is up to you to ensure excellent customer service at all times. The role involves handling complaints and resolving problems as they arise. You are often also responsible for selling tour excursions and additional services, such as car hire.

Earn your Share

You earn your share from Us and from the host you're working for. Every time you take a visitor to your selected host, you get a two sided share. In case we assign you a visitor, you get a share only from us and not from the host.

Keep Repping

Becoming our rep is a fantastic way of working your way around and getting paid for it. The only problem really is once you become our rep, you'll find yourself wanting to do it again and again. Keep the hosts in your palm and keep renting their places.