Who is an Affiliate?

Associate yourself with a leader particularly in Pakistan's travel industry and generally with the global hospitality. JaghaJagha has something for every type of visitor and prices to match. Owning or managing a hotel, a resort, a guest house or anyother hospitality sector place, you can be our affiliate.
On JaghaJagha.com users can quickly and efficiently search for hotels and compare price, quality, rating, location, amenities and availability in real time. JaghaJagha.com offers customers the best value for their hotel, and with Best Price Guarantee, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, JaghaJagha.com will match it. Reservations can be made for same day travel or for a trip that is a full year out.

Join JaghaJagha which is a secured marketplace for Visitors and be part of this revolution in travel industry.


To be able to use JaghaJagha, you need to register first. We'll get you registered in no time!

Take our Help

We have a dedicated team of professionals to serve and we are here to help you. You may contact our 24/7 phone number listed on our website or you can reach us by emailing your concern.

Add Your Jagha

Add your hotel, a far flung valley cottage or a spare room in your house in the heart of the city. It takes only minutes to add your photos, pricing and description.

Host Rules

Register as a Host or Affiliate

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you register in your own cadre. If you're an individual having some non-commercial space to rent out, you need to register as a Host.
But if you're a manager or an owner of any commercial space belonging to the hospitality industry, you need to register as an affiliate. Therefore, registration is your first step to move forward.

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FAQs for Host

As a host or affiliate, when can I accept booking?

Before accepting bookings, you need to complete your basic profile. This will set the right expectations for potential visitors. Create an accurate and informative ad with appealing photos of the place.
Provide as much detail as possible in describing the Jagha you are renting. To avoid misunderstandings with Visitors be as detailed as possible.

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